Unharmonious between HR and CEO just like contradiction in marriage. When HR disagree with their boss and deem that boss also need a education. They should aware that it takes two to tango.

When the high executives are talking about their human resource department. Almost there is nothing good of their HR, complaining "no direction", "there is a big gap". The most polite saying is "unable to stand on the same altitude to think about the question.” Similarly, HR complain about their boss a lot.

However, for various reasons, they rarely complain directly in their company. When they communicate in their own circles. They would say, "Chinese enterprises, especially private enterprises. Mostly focus on business, technology and marketing. Just ignore human resources. At the beginning I want to give full play to my skill at here. Eventually I just do odds and ends here.” Boss did not find out the most priority of enterprise development. Have no clear strategic orientation. Don’t understand what kinds of talent they want. Therefore enterprise is unable to choose or retain right person. Eventually push their blame to HR.

Does HR and enterprises’ top managers come from the same planet on the earth? Summing up this years experience. Inharmonious Between HR and CEO is caused by several reasons as follows: CEO doesn’t attach importance to HR: Enterprises systematic human resource management which is different from traditional personnel management is an new emerging subject in social sciences and management field. At present. few boss in medium-small scale enterprise is specialized in human resources management and management is not the foundation of many entrepreneurs, but depend on experience, technology and personal charisma or market opportunity. Successful experience in the past make the top managers seldom realize that their are not good at managing HR of their company. So they don't agree that HR could add up value of company by management. Similarly, although some companies have human resources department, no talent have been placed. This empty shell is even worse than haven't and this situation is particularly common in small and medium scale private enterprises.

CEO doesn’t understand HR: Some CEO may think that HR just need to build enterprise culture, dealing with the legal and administrative chores, recruiting people or doing a good job of performance related pay. Those concept result in systemic loss of the company's HR management: recruiting, selecting, training, performance, salary and career development. The whole procedure is fragmented to pieces at the planning step and implementation step is just like beads with broken string. One is picked up with another lost.

CEO's expectation on HR is unrealistic, HR is a non profit department, they could improve the total performance of company by encouraging and improving the attitude and behavior of employees, or make contribution to enterprise by controlling human cost. Because the effect of those effort will be reflected slowly and gradually. They have no immediate performance as sales or production departments. So CEO feel that he get nothing from the HR investment and naturely they will not be interested in them.

Unharmonious between HR and CEO just like contradiction in the marriage. When HR disagree with their boss and deem that boss also need a education. They should aware that it takes two to tango. there are many common problems of HR themselves

HR's disadvantages in knowledge structure and strategic altitude. HR-based degree education system mostly base on the knowledge system of psychology, sociology and anthropology. Teach student how to implement encouragement, team management, organization culture and structure. Some HR is major in legal. However, if HR want to do a good job in practice, their must know all steps well, such as enterprise’s strategy, finance, marketing and R&D. At present most staffs of HR dept, even if they are major in science. Neither education background nor qualification can't achieve that altitude. So the condition will result in that HR's effort can't be approved by other business departments. To highlight the importance of their department, even some staffs of HR department use their authority to hinder other department, the coming consequences can be easily imagined: When HR is referred by other top managers, either criticism or contemptuous smile will be granted.

HR adopt others' concept, models and tools mechanically. Because there are a lot HR concept and measurement tools came from western countries. if regardless of cultural differences, enterprise development status and staff quality and other actual situations and adopted the concept mechanically. Will not only waste money and manpower, but also let company make a wrong decision, Eventually become the victims of harm and make HR abominated by more people.

HR's glass ceiling: No one has ever publicly declared that is impossible to promote HR from CHO to CEO. However, according to our historical experience, most of enterprise's CEO are promoted from finance, sales or technical department. Few people could achieve CEO throne from CHO position. Some CHO are even still striving for opportunities to join meeting with other top managers- even if just be invited as nonvoting guest. So that CHO are facing a ceiling, if there is good opportunity they would like to transfer to another dept, in case there is no opportunity, they have to seize the existing position by contenting with not making mistakes. If CEO expect HR could think about the enterprise's human resource management from his point of view and altitude and take the initiative to resolve problems. They need to consider how to help CHO to break the glass ceiling of them.

Mr. Jimmy's classic love comic, There is a script in "turn left, turn right" said" He and she live in the same apartment. When he go out, no matter where does he want to go. he always turn to the left and no matter where does she want to go. She always turn to the right. He never met her and she is the same as him.” Perhaps commerce academy should hold a seminar and invite CEO and HR team to work together in the same building, although their thoughts are not always at the same planet but they will have the opportunity to change their mind and be frank with each other. 【Author: CHO columnist writer: Han Jian】

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