How to identify high adaptive staffs in HR management practice. There are four aspects can be considered as follow:

1. Problem-solving Adaptive Behavior

To identify the adaptability of your staffs. The most priority is to identify their problem-solving behavior. Especially their way of doing things and behavior patterns in uncertain situation or crisis.

Most adaptive employees in emergency can quickly analyze the problem and work out a variety of solutions to dear with the problem. Facing the urgent tasks, they can find a way to achieve their working objective without compromise. Adaptive employees are good at controlling their emotion, objectively facing problem. eliminating negative emotion, carrying out their work in sequence, timely adjusting their behavior and adopting flexible treatment measures.

Adaptive employees’ problem-solving behaviors are always innovative. Facing complex and difficult work environment, they can work out new ideas and methods to solve the problem and take initiative to build a advantageous situation. In their daily work they often propose good methods for simplifying working procedures to the supervisor and related department of company. If they find the resource is inadequate in their tasks, they could find ways to get new resources and work out a time saving and quality improving methods from accustomed working procedure.

In uncertain situation, adaptive employees always have outstanding performance. in the situation of unknown predicament and lacking of material, they can seize the key point of problem and take effective activities. When the situation changes. They can quickly adjust their work plan and thought, taking positive responses. Even if there are thousands of strands and loose ends. They can put things in order and seize the key point in uncertain situation, so that they could continuously improve their job performance.


2. Individual Learning Adaptive Behavior

Adaptivity needs learning. Learning is to adapt. Another important aspect of identifying employees' adaptivity is depending on their individual learning adaptive behavior.

Full adaptive employees have strong passion of seeking knowledge and learning motivation. They don’t stick to the existing knowledge and experience and have courage to break their own mental model. They are extremely eager for new ideas, innovative technologies and new methods. In their daily work, they seize every possible opportunity to learn job-related knowledge and skill. and appropriately applied them to his work practice to continuously improve their work efficiency.

Full adaptive employees have a strong ability of quick learning. When they are assigned to a new department, or handling new works. Facing new tasks and new environment, they can quickly absorb information from multiple resources, calmly controlling the situation. In terms of specific work, He can quickly master new knowledge and skills and enter their role in advance.

Full adaptive employees own strong prospective learning ability. they could comprehend the requirement of continuous organizational reformation from the environment and predict the challenges leaded by organizational reformation. So they can timely store reformation related knowledge and skills, and take the initiative in reformation. Full adaptive employees can be adapted to reformation easily. They are the driving force of reformation. They have courage to try new ideas and working methods to improve organization performance.


3. Interpersonal Culture Adaptive Behavior

Interpersonal adaptation is an important aspect of work adaptation. How to collaborate with others and gain the trust of colleagues and clients is an important indicator to evaluate interpersonal adaptive behavior. Especially when you enter a new department. How to build trust in a short time and gain psychological recognition of your colleagues and subordinates is very essential. Interpersonal adaptive behavior of employees with strong adaptivity always have characteristics as following aspects. They are good at listening to various views and timely adjusting their working thoughts and methods; (2)They are very concerned about all the feedback on his working behavior. They can accept internal and external clients' negative feedbacks with an open mind and take it as an opportunity to improve his work standard; (3) They can collaborate with person with different background and different personality. They can flexibly adjust their mentality and behavior and adapt to the work style of their superiors, colleagues and service requirements of the clients.

Full adaptive employees have a strong cultural adaptability. Join in a new department. they can quickly understand the department's working environment, working objectives and collaboration methods. They can take the initiative to adjust their work behavior and merge themselves into the environment. Enter into a new company. They can carefully observe the corporate culture, strategic goals and value orientation and challenge their thinking and behavior pattern. when they arrive at a foreign land, they could respect the local customs. Collaborate and get along well with people having different value orientation.


4. Stress Management Adaptive Behavior

As the organization reformation progress intensifying, customers’ demands increasing and work pace accelerating, employees’ work stress is rising dramatically. Excessive work stress will make employees and corporate suffer huge losses. According to the investigation of U.S. researchers, the annual economic losses caused by Employees' psychological stress is up to 305 billion USD and that excess 5 times of after-tax profits of 500 large scale corporate. To avoid personal injury and corporate losses caused by excessive stress. Full adaptive employees are good at managing their stress.

If full adaptive employees get trouble in his work. They could take initiative to seek information which could help them to resolve the problem. Facing stress from multiple aspect, they can keep a cool head and analyze the reason and result of the trouble and calmly and unhurriedly dear with the trouble with great confidence..

Full adaptive employees can face failure frankly. When accident happen in his work or large gap exist between reality and expectation. They could dear with them with a usual mind. Calming down, collecting their thoughts and actively taking remedial measures. When their work is suffering frustration. They can make constructive suggestion and study out a plan to resolve the problem, without complain about others.

Full adaptive employees are capable and willing to try something new. Higher the working stress is, better performance he will achieve. Facing hard task and tough environment, they body rarely reveal a sign of in-adaptive. Facing fast-pace, high-pressure work tasks, They are energetic and easily make progress.

Generally speaking, full adaptive employees reveal uniqueness in problem-solving adaptive behavior, individual learning adaptive behavior. interpersonal culture behavior and stress management adaptive behavior. So that managers could identify them from four aspects as above. Full adaptive employees are the key talents eagerly wanted by modern enterprises. Because they adapt to work, adapt to enterprise and adapt to reformation. They are backbone of modern enterprise to achieve the object of gaining competitive advantage in global business environment. HoldHR Consulting

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