SAN FRANCISCO Oct. 27, according to foreign media reports, Hewlett-Packard webOS team also lost a senior executive. The vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. Chris Richard (Richard Kerris) has left Hewlett-Packard, now at the headquarters of Nokia’s global developer relations.

According to reports, in a message announcing the appointment, Nokia developers and senior vice president of marketing Mark • Argento mentioned (Marco Argenti) said: “The great man is always able to make a different result, I am very excited to welcome Li Chad • Chris join our team and become responsible for Nokia’s global developer relations person. “It is reported that Chris on October 24, officially left the Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett-Packard from its office less than nine months. Considering Chris participated in the promotion of WebOS, his departure is undoubtedly the series of Palm WebOS and HP once again blow.

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