At the end of a year, many employees are brewing a "job-hopping" plan for the next year. This phenomenon is the most worried thing of enterprises at year-end. So, in the coming year, enterprise can retain employees by what? Recently, HoldHR Consulting has made a investigation on more than 200 HR and 500 job seeker by telephone interview

60 percent enterprises choose to retain talents by providing a favorable career

Retain employees by what? 226 HR accepted the interview said “The most popular way to retain employees is to provide a favorable career". The HR hold this view is up to 53% of total investigated HR staffs. The second choice is to retain employee by money and the investigated HR hold that view take 23%. Only 15% HR adopt the method of "retaining talents by emotion" and 9% choose "Other method". For the method of retaining talents by providing a favorable career. 52% HR choose to help employees to establish a future career development goal, 20% choose the method of providing training and learning opportunities as EMBA training, job rotation and etc.

Sense of belonging is the most important

What attract you to change your job. In the investigated 500 job seekers, 146 job seekers choose the pay raise, that takes 29.2%. 24.7% of them choose the "promotion". 218 people choose the "benefit and sense of career belonging. " that takes 37.6% and 8.5% choose "other". The top one choice is "benefits and sense of career belonging." and most of the choice maker are the generations born in 1970s, 52% of them is between 30 and 39 years old. This indicates that before 40, people not only expect an over-fly and breakthrough of their career, but also pursuing "Change in steady".


Improve the overall benefit is the kingly way

"Heart of employees, root of enterprises". Employees are fundamental of a enterprise and a strong enterprise is supported by all employees. Only if employees consider enterprise as their home and truly become a member of the family. They would do their best. The building of employees' sense of belonging is extremely important. Yu Jian who is the experienced consultant of Na Jie Huaman Resources Co., Ltd said “Overall benefit is an important factor to attract and retain employees' sense of belonging. To achieve this object, the first priority is to inspire employees' sense of accomplishment by making good use of the expertise and resources, trying a heavily training, creating a harmonious atmosphere. ” 【HoldHR Consulting】

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