1.Don't make any conclusion for yourself and others. There maybe just one-side have been saw or heard by yourself, but it was worthless to offend your friend for this reason.. 

2.You can get drunk and that is acceptable. However, you must understand that only a drunk with your true friend can sweep grief away, otherwise you will just become laughing stock of others. 

3.If your personality makes many people turn away from you. It is proved that you fail it. Personality’s success is to attract rather than exclude. 

4. In the condition that you're really incapable, don't be afraid of shame. If possible, I suggest you to pursue a shame. Because that is a attempt to success. As to the people laughing at you, they can be excluded from the list of your future opponent. So don’t laugh at the people who appear on the stage but make a shame. 

5.You must learn how to be sophisticated. However you must always remember that Strength is the only way to get win in our society and do never doubt it. 

6.You could dislike some things but must learn how to accept it. Adapt yourself to the environment, because environment will never be adapted to you, and never follow the bad example of others. 

7.Heroes do not eat the immediate loss. But in many cases, you should calm down and collect some more data information. No argument, to better understand this point. You could recall your memory. There is nobody can win the argument. Generally speaking, the topic of argument is worthless to be argued. 

8.Cultivate the sense of elite. There is nothing impossible for ever! Don't be too upright or sophisticated. Treat others sophisticatedly and be upright to yourself. 

9.If you meet a trustable friend, getting along well with him. Because it is really difficult to make a trustable friend. 

10.If you want to improve your bowling skill, there is nothing better than onlookers. Don’t begrudge your cheers to others. 

11.Never say "No" and replaced with "It takes time", "I will try", "I'm not sure, When I decided, I will call" 

12.If you are on a performance or presentation. Please do it well with your heart, even if there is one person who is listening carefully and no cheer is granted. Because this is the way to your success and the cradle of your brilliant. The success is not belonged to your audiences but yourself. 

13. Do not expect everyone will like you, it’s impossible. Most of people like you is the achievement of your success. Don’t take the help of others for granted. You should know how to thank giving. 

14.Everyone has a lonely time You are growing mature by enduring loneliness. If you feel lonely don’t fluster yourself or waste your valuable time on silly and useless things. 

15.Resist the temptation of your mouth. Neither talk about yourself nor others. Talking about yourself always make you hypocritical and lost yourself in unreality. Talking about others always be caught in the tangle of non-trivial tongue. 

16.Write down the things you must spend your whole life. Life need target, plan, reminding and sense of urgent. By stringing one and one small target together, they will become a big goal of your whole life. If you get wealth and your environment get improved, don't forget the thin pad used before. 

17. A few people can seat on sedan chair. but a lot people fight for the lifting work. The person on the sedan would not pay attention to you, even if you have try your best to join in the fun. How about helping the people who walked exhausted. Each help means a grateful social warm to him. 

18.No matter when you start, it is important that never give it up after your start. No matter when you will come to the end, it is important that never regret yourself after the end. Hell will become heaven only if hope exist, pain will become joy if there is a hope. Find hope from desperation. Your life will be brilliant eventually. 


19.If you can fly do not give up a flying. If you can dream do not give up your dreaming. If you can love, do not give up your loving. 

20.If you want to pursuer a perfect friendship. yYou may never make any friend in your life 

21.The world's most tiring thing is spending your life hypocritically. Just be yourself.

22.In the occasion that there are many attendances presented. Introduce your friend to others initiatively or act as a go-between among your friends. 

23.when you are praised for your appearance, the way of handling things or your personality. Don't appear that it is natural or pretend to deny. The most appropriate way is to show your gratitude. Especially thank your friend for their recognition and support. 

24.Although business is business, we must take initiative to do something for others without talking about reward in advance. So we could win superior sense of debt on others. A person's social statue is the accumulation of social debt sense owed by other people. 

25.Students never skipping class is not a good student. Never skipping class is the same as no class have been carefully studied. You must take the initiative of study. Don't be blindly lead by your teacher as a middle school student. Skipping class is not your fault. However, you must skip the right class. meanwhile, high mark is essential. 

26. To be a good man is better than do a good thing. Social relationship is the determinant factor of your success. The money earned does not mean that people possess the ownership of money,. Insteadly, that means how much money people has right to use. The capability of a man is not mean what he can do by himself, but what he can do through others. 

27. We always like to go to study in the college library. Because there are many books can only be read at present. Although not every book is helpful to yourself. Because you do not know which book will be helpful in the future. So you have to read books as many as possible and give up the books which are too boring and tedious to be interested. Although there is only one eye of fishing net used to catch fish, if you want to succeed it, weave a whole fishing net is essential. 

28.Cultivate your personal style. Find out your favorite clothing or your hobby. even if a little different habit will make you different and help you to enter into the top level of society, which can’t be succeed without a personality.

29.Learn to authorize others. Many people are unwilling or unable to do so. Therefore they are always nailed to a subordinate position. Giving authorization to others is the half achievement of his success. No matter big or trivial, a person unwilling to authorize others will certainly encounter great obstacles. 

30.Outstanding appearance is a great advantage. If your appearance is not outstanding enough, make yourself to be a talent. If you can’t be a talent. Don’t forget your smile. Temperament is the most priority. your image can worth 100 million USD 

32.Stay awa
y from people who sow discord and make mischief. Political trickery can drive the petty with power. Man of capability can fight the
petty back with intelligence. Gentleman treat the petty with mercy, the high blood pressure will be killed to death for angry. It is prefer to offending ten gentlemen rather than a villain. There is a simple description of our society: People is everywhere - and there must be some way to grade us. there is just one way to make it. That is competition. You must work hard and make you become the strong of society. Money can't buy everything, but the Strong can own everything, or else you will stay in the bottom of society for ever.

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