No one could live without communicating with others. Wherever you go, you will meet people and you have to get along with people. People is everywhere, so you have to understand people and you can never succeed by yourself.
Different people repeat a similar, ancient and fresh game every day - getting along with each other. This game is ancient. Mankind never abandon each other and live like this for thousands of years: loving each other, fighting each other; mutual supporting, mutual contending; full of good intentions, hiding sinister and crafty, understanding each other, misunderstanding each other ... ... The interest of this game is that god seems to make a joke with us. He makes everyone owning unique personality and characteristic. People can't be simply classified, you can't even get well along with two people with the same way and this is really a big trouble. Today various of social rules assimilated thought essence of ancient sages are so popular. Simply because everyone want to find out a short-cut to get along well with others. Indeed the short-cut exist. However, you are pushed by a pair of invisible hand everyday. Continuously getting acquainted with people, studying people secretly and trying to understand people. Even if spend your whole life, you may not be able to really read a person, although that person is your closest friend. Those sophisticating or worldly-affairs insightful interpersonal intelligence may not be able to help your at critical moment. This is no the fault of masters. You may have no time or opportunity to understand others before making blind judgment and urgently taking activities - In other words, only if you can skillfully read people. Those rules can be useful to yourself and make you get along well with others easily and successfully.
It Is obvious that you must learn to read people at first. It is the basis to conduct yourself in society. People’s appearance, inadvertent body movements , overtones of the speech will reveal the secrets of his heart, emotional trends, thinking model, behavior method ... People are always difficult to conceal themselves. Because this is the most natural revealing of humanity. In the "Divine Comedy", Dante wrote like this "you must be careful to stay in front of a wisdom, He would not only observe the appearance of your behavior, but also read your mind. We have fair reasons to believe that wisdom referred by Dante is the person who can read people. Reading people is the most fundamental skill in interpersonal relationship. No matter who you are, no matter what kinds of role you are playing in your life. If you are not good at this skill. You will always be unconsciously trapped into one and another "Besieged City" and become a target of public attack. Because you are not good at set up a defence. You will become a Hollow Man in the eyes of others, even unable to get advantage for lacking of mystery sense.
Strategical professional manager requires to read people. He can easily judge their sincerity from the partner's behavior and identify his subordinates' working attitude from the office supplies setting. Salesman requies to read people. So that he could take the initiative when unfamiliar customer enter into their office and persuade the most difficult customer to buy his items. White-collar staff who is most likely to be involved in the "office politics" vortex requires to read people. So that he can accurately determine the intention of superiors and colleagues’ really think. People who are eager for a job and freshman who found their fist job require to read people. They can calmly judge the suitability of their future boss and quickly adapt to the new working environment. Lovesick requires to read people, to determine that your lover is still loving you as before without revealing a trace. Husband or wife require to read people, so that they could avoid the embarrassment of living together without feeling each other. Parents require to read people, to avoid an uproar in the family caused by "communication blocking". Friendship seeker requires to read people, your trustiest friend may be not good at expressing his love to you. See from the eyes of a stranger, you may find the door to enter into his inner world, you may find the characters that you are lacking of from the person you dislike. You may find lier is the guy you like best. You may find the sore trace from the tone of your interviewer.
Read people, to understand people and love people, preventing and overwhelming those malicious guys. That will not only make you become a more influential boss, more initiative employees. more attractive companion or parent. more sympathetic and considerate friend, but also make you calmer, alerter, smarter, cleverer and more sophisticated.

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