Human resources are the primary resources. Wisdom and ability are inexhaustible oil field and mineral deposit. they always be the most potential stock of the stock market. The enhancement of technological level, management level and company benefit are all based on the contribution of talents. No talent, any bright prospect will remain at the stage of longing. No talent, prosperous blue print will never come true.

Talent is the most important wealth. Chinese President Hu Jingtao made a speech in celebration ceremony of China's first lunar probe project on December 13, 2007 , "talent make country stand, talent make the government operational, talent make industry flourished, talent is the most important treasure of country development. "

Talent is the primary productive force. The revenue of investment on human capital is more profitable than physical investment! American economist Theodore Schultz said, “For the growth of U.S. economy within half a century, the capital resources investment increased by 4.5 times. Revenue increased by 3.5 times; Human capital investment increased by 3.5 times, the revenue increased by 17.5 times.” Professor Schultz said “From 1919 to 1957, U.S. GDP growth during these 38 years , 49% is the result of human capital investment. ”

Either growth and expansion stage of enterprise, or realization of our magnificent destination. Talent is the most important thing needed by us. We firmly believe that first-class talents are the basis to build a first-class enterprise.

In conformity to the principle of seeking talent with eagerness, deeming talent as gold. HoldHR Consulting would like to collaborate with all enterprises. In the ever-changing market environment. In the process of intense competition with rivals. Let us well write the large article of talent and win the campaign of talent reservation.


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