Step one: Customer preference and needs analysis 
Further collect the information of customer's industry characteristics as corporate culture, product, management level and operational style. Communicate with customer effectively. Analysis vacant position and strategic reserve position. According to the position’s responsibilities, qualification requirements and other relevant factors. Predict and assess appropriate salary level.

Step two: Signing co-operation agreement 
HoldHR Consulting executive searcher appointed talent assistant introduce our services to customer, consulting with customer about co-operation issue and signing agreement.

Step Three: working out and implement search plan 
According to the specific requirements of the position, fulfill a full analysis and evaluation on the authorized position. Work out specific search plan for each position authorized. According to the customized search plan, contact with potential candidates with the help of our extensive candidate database, our experienced talent officer's relationship with various industry related agency and individual as well as specialized skills. At the same time, advertisement of this position will be published anonymously on the major recruitment website and head column of Hold HR Consulting website. 

Step Four: Candidates screening 
Further analyze and screen the information of qualified candidates who have passed the first screening. Investigate the related background of candidate after agreed by the candidate. Further confirm with the candidate about his current position status, communication skill, leaving possibility and motivation, salary level. Confirm matching extent with the customer’s requirement. 

Step Five: Have a interview with candidate and make assessment 
Basing on the compiled evaluation standard, Specialized and experienced talent officer will arrange a face to face interview or telephone interview with candidate. Mainly evaluate candidate's personality advantages (enthusiasm, responsibility, maturity, gregariousness, creativity, logicality, learning ability and etc.) behavior style, work ethic characteristic, matching extent of job roles and personality trait, expertise, foreign language proficiency and work achievements, advantages and disadvantages, reason for leaving and other key factors.

Step Six: Recommend candidate and arrange a interview with customer. 
Submit comprehensive information of qualified candidate to customer. Consulting with customer about the arrangement of interview. Help both sides to make effective communication on specific recruiting requirement.

Step Seven: Assist candidate to fulfill entry. 
Provide resignation-related personal consulting information and help employed candidate to keep continuous contact with customer. Assist both sides to resolve problems and difficulties during the trial period. Help the candidate to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible 

Step Eight: Follow-up Service 
If necessary, further improve the communication and coordination with recommended talent and provide a series of related value-added services to our customer.

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