Pre-payment Guarantee

Within contract period, if there is no candidate recommended. Enterprises have right to terminate contract and we will return 100% pre-payment.

Within Contract period, recommended candidates are less than 3 people and the quality of candidates can’t meet the requirement of enterprise. No candidate has qualification to achieve the interview. We will return 100% pre-payment.

Candidates Leaving Assurance:

For the position with annual salary below 300,000 RMB. We promise 3-month employment warranty period;

For the position with annual salary above 300,000RMB (including 300,000RMB).We promises 6-month employment warranty period;

If candidate leaves job for their own reason within employment warranty period. We will recommend new candidate for free.

If candidate leaves job within employment warranty period. Pre-paid service charge can be used to cover the charge of other position till you find a replaceable candidate.

Talent Protection:

During the contract period. Party B is prohibited to introduce serving staff of Party A to other enterprises.

Business Secret:

Within contract period and one year after the contract terminated. We shall not disclose any enterprise business strategy and related confidential information to third party.

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