Consulting 1: Human Resource Strategy

Diagnostic point: Corporate mission, corporate blueprint, strategic objectives, business strategy, human resources strategic target, main work of human resources (Work out an efficient mechanism to motivate and retain employees. Help corporate to develop a series of regulations to regulate various relationship)


Consulting 2: human resource planning

Diagnostic point: Environmental analysis, external supply situation analysis, internal supply situation analysis, human resource demand forecast, analysis of human resource supply and demand balance, layoff and transfer, internal transfer of different position race, planning improvement of human resources management


Consulting 3: Organization system

Diagnostic point: Corporate governance structure design, centralizing and separating, corporate first-level structure design, corporate second-level structure design, , management span design, management-level design, department mission orientation, job description.


Consulting 4: Position system

Diagnostic point: The division of position race, establishment of department internal position , personnel staffing confirmation, job analysis, job description manual compiling, job description manual maintenance, work saturation analysis.


Consulting 5: Recruitment selection system

Diagnostic point: Approving and compiling of recruitment plan, recruitment strategy, recruitment expenses control, recruitment channel expanding, interview, written examination database, job qualification, probationary of employee, probation assessment, staff attrition rate, staff abnormal turnover rate, staff internal turnover rate.


Consulting 6: Ability and quality system

Diagnostic point: Core quality items identification, ability and quality items definition, ability and quality items gradation, secondary development of ability and quality model. application of ability and quality model in staff recruitment, training, performance evaluation and salary system.


Consulting 7: Training and Education System

Diagnostic point: Training and learning, opportunity, promotion, knowledge progress, ability improvement, training demand identification, training curriculum development, training method selection, training organization, training effect assessment, training and tracking, training result reflection, internal training team building, training records management.


Consulting 8: Career Planning

Diagnostic point: Staff occupational orientation test, job development matrix, key position and core staff management, echelon building of talent, staff career planning.


Consulting 9: Salary and benefits system

Diagnostic point: Internal pay equity, external pay equity, pay and ability, pay and performance, encouragement of different employee, determination of pay level, balance of old and new employees, balance of academic qualification, salary structure design, long-term reward encouragement among different position race, budget and control of the total reward, employee benefit system design.


Consulting 10: Performance Management System

Diagnostic point: Corporate strategy map building, performance indicator establishment for different position level, performance indicator decomposition, performance coaching, performance evaluation, performance communication, performance result application, indicator weight identification, indicator assessment method, performance data collection and classification.


Consulting 10: Corporate Culture System

Diagnostic point: Core value orientation of enterprise, enterprise spirit, enterprise purpose, management principle and work style, enterprise system behavior, enterprise business operation, enterprise ethical behavior, enterprise management behavior, enterprise leaders’ image, enterprise employees' image, product image, enterprise environmental image, staff morale.


Consulting 12: Human resources management processes

Diagnostic point: Human resources procedure planning, human resources procedure optimization


Consulting 13: Human resource management concept

Diagnostic point: Talent view, personal selection view, personal usage view, personal education view, encouragement system, talent appointing mechanism, distribution mechanism, responsibility mechanism, employee growth and development mechanism, access mechanism, career planning, performance evaluation, salary and benefit, labor relationship , talent reservation, post rotation.


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